Homepage: Earthlingtwo
Created: 2011-05-29
Author: sk33lz
Drupal Version(s) Supported: 6.x

EarthlingTwo is Creative Commons HTML/CSS template we have converted to a Creative Commons Drupal theme that was designed by NodeThirtyThree and created by NodeThirtyThree has some pretty sick open source CSS template designs and we are looking to convert as many of their designs as we can to Creative Commons Drupal themes. The theme was originally converted to Drupal as a Drupal 6 theme. We hope to update it to a Drupal 7 theme as well at some point.


  • Beautiful Design, Clean Design.
  • 2 Column Layout.
  • Pure CSS Primary Menu Dropdowns.
  • Customizable Header Graphic on the Theme Settings page.

Plans for the Future

  • Add more Block Regions.
  • Update to a Drupal 7 theme.
  • Update to a Drupal 8 theme.
  • Add CSS 3 styling.
  • Create PNG Sprites for all images to increase theme performance.


Working on a new demo…

Issues & Feature Requests

Please file any issues or feature requests in the EarthlingTwo Github Issue queue.

Thanks and Enjoy the Drupal EarthlingTwo theme!

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