Homepage: SkeletonCraft
License: GPL v3.0
Created: 2014-02-05
Author: sk33lz
Drupal Version(s) Supported: 7.x

SkeletonCraft is a Responsive Drupal 7 theme that I have been using for a while on Minecraft related sites that I administer. I have gotten it to a point that I really like, and it’s time to release it into the wild.


  • Uses the Skeleton CSS Boilerplate as a base for a responsive, mobile friendly layout.
  • Fully integrated with TinyNav module out of the box. (Required for Mobile Navigation to work properly) Install and enable the TinyNav module and you are good to go.

Please Note: There is currently a major bug in TinyNav 1.2, the current release, so please use TinyNav 1.1 until further notice.

I did all of the artwork for this theme. It’s not the most beautiful work of art, but it resembles the look of Minecraft with large pixel artwork. I will probably make updates to the artwork at some point to give it a better repeating pattern for the background. This was my first attempt.

Thanks to sirkitree for the logo!

Categories: Drupal Themes

Tags: drupal 7 GPL responsive gaming