Homepage: Zenlike
Created: 2010-06-25
Author: sk33lz
Drupal Version(s) Supported: 6.x

Zenlike is a Creative Commons Drupal theme that has been ported to Drupal as a Drupal 6 theme from a Free CSS Template designed by NodeThirtyThree and created by FreeCSSTemplates.org.


  • Clean design and typography.
  • 2 Column Layout.
  • Pure CSS Primary Menu Dropdowns.
  • Customizable Header Graphic on the Theme Settings page.

Plans for the Future

  • Add more Block Regions.
  • Update to a Drupal 7 theme.
  • Update to a Drupal 8 theme.


Working on a new demo siteā€¦

Issues & Feature Requests

Please file any issues or feature requests in the EarthlingTwo Github Issue queue.

Thanks and Enjoy the Drupal EarthlingTwo theme!

Categories: Drupal Themes

Tags: drupal 7 GPL fixed width 2 column wellness