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Theme Root is your source for the best free Drupal Themes, the best free Drupal Templates, and the best free CSS templates. Yeah, they aren't really called Drupal Templates, but now you know that. We will be cataloging both the best Free Drupal themes and the best Premium Drupal themes we can find. We will accept GPL Drupal theme submissions, Creative Commons Drupal theme submissions, and any other type of open source licensed Drupal theme.

We are now accepting Creative Commons Drupal themes and GPL Drupal themes on our Drupal theme submission form. We are also accepting GPL and Creative Commons HTML & CSS Templates. We also accept any GPL or Creative Commons compatible licenses such as the BSD License. Submit your theme now.

We will soon have a separate form to submit GPL & Creative Commons Wordpress theme conversion requests, and HTML/CSS template requests that can be later turned into Drupal themes.


Theme Root